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How Do I Book A Unit?

First enter your dates in the search box and hit search, all units that show up are available your dates, there is no need to email and ask us availability, the website will not allow you to book a unit that is not available. Find the unit you wish to book. All units can be booked live online instantly. Look for the "BOOK NOW" button on the unit you want, click on that, insert the dates that you wish to book, and it will calculate a full breakdown of the stay for you including all taxes and cleaning fees and you just proceed with paying right online by most any major credit card, so no need to ask for a quote. Within seconds of payment approval, you will receive an email confirmation back with all your key codes, internet passwords, directions, unit information etc. All owners require 30% down, remainder due 30 days before arrival.

Will I be reminded when the final payment is due?

Yes. A new payment link or email will be sent to you 30 days before arrival or you can make the final payment anytime before that by clicking on the final payment link on your email confirmation.

How do I sort units by price or find units next to each other?

After putting in your dates and hit search, on the header is links you can click on to sort the units by price, units numbers or bed types.

What is the cancellation policy?

Standard condo policy. There are never refunds. As soon as you book the unit, the owner is paying credit card transactions fees, commissions and other fees plus the condo owner is blocking out your dates and turning away lots of other clients as Waikiki is such a popular destination. However, if you do need to cancel, owners that advertise on WaikikiBeachRentals.com have agreed to give renters a credit to use for that specific unit anytime in the future for a period of 1 year after the cancellation date at no additional cost, as long as you cancel at least 14 days before your original arrival date. If you're rebooking at a higher season, you may have to pay extra so the rate is correct, but there will not be any refunds if you book at a lower season. You can give your dates to family, friends, sell the dates, whatever you wish, they are completely transferable. For those who think they may cancel, we suggest you get travel insurance and seek a refund from the travel insurance agent. All cancellations within 14 days of arrival, for any reason, forfeit all deposits and payments.

When can the discount coupon code be used?

The discount coupon code must be used at the time of booking as the stay is charged at that time and so cannot be discounted after you have booked your stay. No exceptions can be made.

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Is there a Shuttle from the airport?

Yes there are shuttle buses to Waikiki. But we recommend to just take a taxi as it's about the same per person cost anyhow and you can wait 1 hour at the airport waiting for the shuttle to fill up. A taxi to Waikiki is only 20 minutes and costs $30 right to the door. There are plenty of taxis at the airport you can just grab, all are reputable and licensed and all taxis use meters.

How Much is Parking?

The Ilikai has great parking options which you can view here, as all Waikiki Oceanfront hotels charge $28 a day or more.

What is check in and check out time?

3pm check in, 11am check out.

What about early check ins?

Normal check in time is 3pm. To see if an early check in is even available, first check the calendar of that unit and see if there is someone checking out that day and if so, an early arrival is not available. If the day before you is vacant, you still must wait till the day before your arrival to request an early check in as units are live online and can book up at anytime. Please do not request an early check in till the day before your arrival. If an early check in is not available, you can store bags with the bell captain in the lobby and they charge $1 per bag. If you absolutely must have an early check in, you must rent the unit for the day before to ensure it's available for you.

What about late checkouts?

If your unit is not occupied the following day, the condo owners that advertise on WaikikiBeachRentals.com may provide you a late check out as late as 8pm, TOTALLY FREE as long as your stay is 5 nights or longer. If your stay is less than 5 nights, no late check outs are allowed.

If there is a guest checking in the following day, no late check outs will be granted for any reason for any amount of time unless a fee of $70 plus tax for 1 bedrooms and $145 plus tax for most 2 bedrooms is paid. Larger 2 bedroom units charge higher fees.

To request a free late check out by email, check the calendar for that unit no earlier than 24 hours before your check out date to make sure no one is checking in that unit your departure day or the following day, then click on the contact us button and request it by email.

You can secure a late check out at the time of booking or by adding it at anytime. Once you book a late check out and that night is blocked off the calendar so others can not book it, you can not at a later date cancel it or request a refund of that amount. Late check outs are 100% non refundable.

If a late check out is not available, or if the paid late check out does not work for you, the bell captain in the lobby will store your bags for $1 each bag.

Secured late checks outs are not available in advance for peak months, which are December 20 to April 1 and July.

How do I check in?

There is no checking in. You rented a privately owned condo. All units advertised on WaikikiBeachRentals.com have a special touch pad deadbolt lock system. After paying your deposit, you will receive an email confirmation that has directions from the airport, a 4 digit key code for your door and your wifi password along with other info on the unit. When you arrive, there is no checking in. You go straight to your unit and enter the 4 digit code, the light turns green indicating you entered the correct number and you unlock the deadbolt and enter the room. This makes checking in easy no matter what time you arrive and there are no keys to lose or lines to stand in waiting to check in. There is a welcome sheet with more info inside the room. Make sure to bring the confirmation email with you. It has all necessary phone numbers on it so if you have any issues with your unit, you can call someone to help 24/7.

Are the key codes safe?

Yes. Your key code is programmed into the door of the condo at 2pm the day of your check in. No one has that code except the condo owner and the owner of the company responsible for cleaning units. If you arrive early and did not request an early check in, the code will not work till 2pm. The code is deleted at 11am on your check out date and a random code is used for the next guest.

Are these units 1 bedroom or large studios?

All Waikiki oceanfront units are either large studios which are legally 1 bedrooms here in Waikiki or 2 bedroom units. Some units like 423 , 729 , 732 , 737 , 818 , 837 , 909 , 1002 , 1006 , 1115 , 1126 , 1141 , 1214 , 1221 , 1231 , 1312 , 1704 , 1735 , 1742 , 1926 , 2036 and 2122 have a sliding wall that can separate the sleeping area from the living area. All studio units are 500sf of interior space and 120sf of lanai. 2 bedrooms are 1000sf with balconies from 160sf to 240sf. Penthouse units range in size from 1000sf to over 2600sf.

Are there Crib Rentals?

Yes there are crib rentals. These are all rented directly from the maid service at $69 a week including all the linens and pillows and will be setup in your unit prior to your arrival. You can request a crib from the maid service by sending us an email with your arrival date and unit number and agreeing to pay B. Clean LLC in cash for the rental after arrival.

Is there a phone in the unit?

Yes, all units have free wifi and telephone service and all Oahu units with the exception of 2603 has free calls to North America including Canada. Phone numbers for the units are never given out prior to your arrival to protect the privacy of the current guests.

What about mail service and deliveries to the units?

Most all units that advertise on WaikikiBeachRentals.com at the Ilikai do not have a mailbox so there is no mail service for the unit. Packages that are sent by UPS or Fedex will be delivered to the unit but you would have to be present to accept the packages.

Is there AC?

Yes. All units have AC. The new remodeled units have state of the art LG spilt AC systems, they are the Rolls Royce of AC units. With the humidity in Hawaii, please do not turn the AC under 72 degrees.

Is there cleaning service during our stay?

No. Standard condo rental policies apply. There is no cleaning service or towel changes during your stay unless you request and pay for those services. The cleaning fee is to pay the cleaning company to clean the unit after your stay. If you want a mid-stay cleaning service performed, just call the cleaning company directly, their number is on the confirmation and you can work a deal with them directly to clean your unit or provide fresh towels, fees apply. There are coin operated laundry rooms on every floor you can use.

Can we request cleaning during our stay?

Yes. Just call the cleaning company on your welcome sheet when you need cleaning and they will quote you a price.

Is there a place to store luggage or bags?

Yes. The bell captain desk in the lobby, run by the valet staff will store bags for all customers for $1 per bag. There are additional charges if you are storing bags for longer periods of over 6 hours.

Is there a place to store my surfboard downstairs?

No. But as long as the board is 11' or under, you can use the bather's elevator to take the board to your unit and place on your lanai. No boards are allowed in the regular guest elevators except short boards in a case.

Does the kitchen have plates, glasses, pans etc?

Absolutely. The kitchen has all the basics for you to cook meals. Each unit has plates, glasses, bowls, pots, pans, utensils, coffee machine, toaster, rice cooker etc. If you are a gourmet cook, there are specialty items you may want to bring. Owners no longer stock wine glasses. 1000 wine glasses were broken last year and 99% of guests did not pay to replace so owners have stopped that service.

What condiments are in the kitchen?

As a safety issue and to protect our guests, no condiments are left in the rooms except maybe salt and pepper. All other food items are discarded after each guest.

Are there Laundry Rooms?

Yes, every floor has a coin operated laundry room with washers and dryers. Each unit has an iron and ironing board.

Is there an ironing board and iron?

Yes, all units have an ironing board and iron.

Why do the pictures all look the same?

Over 100 units were remodeled all at the same time by the same company. All these brand new remodeled units do all look identical, all the way down to the pictures on the wall, the blue couch, same wall colors, pillows, comforters etc etc. The only difference is some have two double beds and others have a single king bed. What you see is what you get, guaranteed.

How big are the Lanai's?

All 1 bedroom lanai's are large at 120sf, 2 bedrooms are 240sf or larger.

Is that blue couch a sofa bed?

No. The blue couch is just a flat one pad couch that is very comfortable for 1 person under 6' tall to sleep on. We supply sheets, linens and pillows for it. The only units with a sofa bed are 325 , 339 , 401 , 421 , 423 , 425 , 429 , 520 , 709 , 732 , 737 , 813 , 818 , 821 , 826 , 829 , 837 , 838 , 909 , 938 , 1002 , 1003 , 1006 , 1115 , 1126 , 1131 , 1206 , 1214 , 1221 , 1223 , 1231 , 1232 , 1237 , 1238 , 1299 , 1312 , 1318 , 1330 , 1424 , 1441 , 1444 , 1502 , 1509 , 1522 , 1525 , 1543 , 1602 , 1609 , 1624 , 1631 , 1641 , 1702 , 1704 , 1734 , 1814 , 1820 , 1828 , 1835 , 1838 , 1906 , 1926 , 1937 , 1999 , 2012 , 2014 , 2020 , 2021 , 2032 , 2036 , 2102 , 2106 , 2122 , 2128 , 2132 , 2603 , 2607 , 2612 and 2014 which has a futon couch that folds down.

Is there someone to contact if there is a problem?

Yes, your email confirmation and welcome sheet provides you all the numbers you will need. If any issues arise, just call the appropriate number on the confirmation sheet. As needed, plumbers, electricians and AC Repair Companies are available to service all units.

Is there a pool we can use?

Yes...the Ilikai has a pool area with showers and changing rooms.

Are towels provided at the pool?

Yes. Towels are provided to all guests at the pool area. Towels are not allowed to leave the pool area or be taken to the beach.

Are there beach items in the units?

Any item from the beach starts to smell fishy after just one day. Beach chairs are sometimes left on lanais if previous guests leave them behind, but they tend to only last a few weeks before they break and are discarded. All other beach items are discarded not only to keep the condo fresh and clean, but for the safety of others as they may be faulty, broken or dangerous to children or adults.

You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas all along the beach for a fee or you can purchase inexpensive ones at Walmart, Costco or Sam's Club.

Do the lanais have furniture?

Yes, all units have a table and chairs on the lanai.

What toiletries are in the unit?

All condos come with a small hotel size tube of shampoo/conditioner, bath soap, dish soap, sponge for washing dishes, 1 roll of paper towels and one back up roll of toilet paper. This is to get you by the first few days, once these are depleted, you must purchase your own for the duration of your stay. This is standard condo policy.

Is there a Hair Dryer?

Yes, all units have a hair dryer.

How much for internet?

Internet is free in all units. All units now have free wifi that is provided by the Ilikai Association. Just connect to the network wifi modem in your unit, the SSID and password are labeled on each modem. There is also a free wifi hotspot in the lobby area and soon the pool area will also be covered. Any issues with the wifi should be directed to the association office on the 2nd floor.

Do the units come with all the linens?

Yes, All 1 bedroom units (studios) come with 5 sets of bath towels, hand towels, wash clothes and 2 beach towels along with two kitchen towels. If you require more beach towels, you have to either bring them or purchase them here, no additional towels are provided. All beds have linens and there is a extra set of linens for the sofa or sofa bed. 2 bedroom units have double the above amount. Laundry rooms are located on every floor. Penthouse units are the only units with in-suite washer and dryers.

What units have sofa beds or futon sleeper couches?

Units that have sofa beds are 325 , 339 , 401 , 421 , 423 , 425 , 429 , 520 , 709 , 732 , 737 , 813 , 818 , 821 , 826 , 829 , 837 , 838 , 909 , 938 , 1002 , 1003 , 1006 , 1115 , 1126 , 1131 , 1206 , 1214 , 1221 , 1223 , 1231 , 1232 , 1237 , 1238 , 1299 , 1312 , 1318 , 1330 , 1424 , 1441 , 1444 , 1502 , 1509 , 1522 , 1525 , 1543 , 1602 , 1609 , 1624 , 1631 , 1641 , 1702 , 1704 , 1734 , 1814 , 1820 , 1828 , 1835 , 1838 , 1906 , 1926 , 1937 , 1999 , 2012 , 2014 , 2020 , 2021 , 2032 , 2036 , 2102 , 2106 , 2122 , 2128 , 2132 , 2603 , 2607 and 2612

Which units have a sliding privacy wall?

All Ilikai condos are either large studios which are legally 1 bedroom condos here in Oahu, 2 or 3 bedroom units. Some units like 423 , 729 , 732 , 737 , 818 , 837 , 909 , 1002 , 1006 , 1115 , 1126 , 1141 , 1214 , 1221 , 1231 , 1312 , 1704 , 1735 , 1742 , 1926 , 2036 and 2122 have a sliding wall that can separate the sleeping area from the living area. These privacy walls provide privacy from sight, but offer no real noise reduction between the bed area and living area as usually they are still open the top 2 feet near the ceiling to allow the AC to circulate. All studio units are 500sf of interior space and 120sf of lanai. 2 bedrooms are 1000sf with balconies from 160sf to 240sf. Penthouses go up to over 2600sf.

Moving one unit to another unit

If you had to book two units due to lack of availability, the most common question is how best to move unit to unit when there is a 3 hour gap between check out time and check in time. Guests should call Bert Shimabuku (808-223-2264) on the morning of check out and he will assist if possible to make the move as seamless as possible. If that is not possible, the worst-case scenario is to store bags with the bell captain for $1 each bag.

Is the Ilikai the same as the Ilikai Marina Building?

No. The Ilikai Marina is an old small building across the street and has nothing to do with the Main Ilikai. The Ilikai Marina has no pool and are not allowed entry to our pool, has no individual AC in units, and the balconies are extremely small, with many units facing a parking lot.

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Is there smoking rooms or can you smoke on lanais?

No. All rooms are non smoking as mandated by each owner. It is against our association rules to smoke in on any lanai. It's a $500 fine if caught or if we find that you smoked in the room and you can be evicted and lose all monies.

Can we BBQ at the condo?

There is no BBQing, cooking or open flames allowed on any lanai for any reason. There is a min. $500 charge for each violation and guest can face immediate eviction and loss of all monies paid. However, some buildings have BBQ areas to use and most every beach park has BBQ pits. It's so much nicer to just walk a few hundred yards and have a great BBQ right next to the beach under a nice tree.

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How far is the beach?

If you look at the pictures of the lagoon, that sand is where the famous Waikiki Beach starts, just 30 yards left of our property line.

Is the lagoon and beach open to the public?

Yes. The lagoon is public and is open for all. All beaches are public in Hawaii.

Where can I book tours?

Just click on our tour link on our home page, we have selected the most popular and best tours you can book right online from our website.

How far is the Convention Center?

We are the closest oceanfront building to the Convention Center, just a 10 minute walk or 2 minute taxi ride.

How far to the International Marketplace?

The International Marketplace place is a 12 minute walk or 5 minute trolley ride.

Where is the Nearest Grocery Store?

There is a small but expensive grocery store in the lobby or an ABC store right across the street. The best store is Foodland Grocery Store located on the back side of the Ala Moana Shopping Center, a 12 minute walk. Make sure to ask customer service at the store for a member's card, it's free and will save you 10-15% off your items. For those walking, many people take all their bags back by taking a $5 taxi back to the condo, they are waiting for pickups right outside the store. There is also a Sams Club and a 24 hours Walmart behind the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

How far is the Hilton Hawaiian Village?

It's right next door, a 15 second walk.

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